What is a headshot? 
A clear and accurate representation of you, usually just head and shoulders.
What’s a GOOD headshot? 
For me, it's the foot in the door. 
Where actors are concerned: you simply will not get called to audition, or have your showreel seen if your headshot is weak. 
And a great headshot is the key to the door being opened. 
Considering casting directors are looking at 100's of headshots at a time, yours must have instant impact. And that impact comes from you: how you are feeling and the emotion you convey. Your headshot should captivate the viewer. 
But even the best talent needs to be directed, coached and made to feel completely at ease for this to come through effectively. What marks a great photographer is their ability to direct. Everything else follows.
I've now been in the film industry for 5 years, I see stories, roles and characters as I am shooting. Sometimes just a tiny adjustment to the shot or expression will clarify the intention to the viewer (i.e. casting director) with meaningful impact. We want them to instantly imagine you as the person they are casting. In the most exceptional circumstances, that headshot can even find you in the running for a role which your 'type' doesn't fit their brief at all - you have changed and improved their image of what that character should be.
We can achieve this together and hopefully you will find yourself work on the basis of the great headshot we make. The rest is up to you.
What can I expect in the session as I am so nervous! 
This is the most asked question I'm asked.  Simply answered: you'll be fine!  We'll be somewhere which is comfortable for you. My job is to make you feel relaxed and make sure you're enjoying yourself. In no time at all you'll be settled into it and I promise that within half an hour you'll actually be having fun with the whole experience.  In getting the best shot for you we will be working together, you'll get to see what we're capturing and work with it to create something bespoke to your needs. It doesn't matter how creative you consider yourself: making something like this is a truly rewarding experience and you'll come away with a memento of what we made together.
I hate having my photo taken!
So do I! I find the hardest thing when having my photo taken is to remember how to be me. If you're an actor then there's the added layer of being someone that somebody else wants you to be. It's challenging. But it's important to forget those two pressures: the more relaxed we are the more open you become to direction, we'll concentrate on enjoying ourselves and then take photos. 
Can I show you my previous headshots? 
Yes of course. I usually ask to look at your previous ones to see what you liked or didn’t like. It's a good idea to get your agents requirements and discuss your casting types and career path etc. so we can create shots to help you achieve everything you deserve. We will constantly review the images and our progress as we go along and make necessary changes if necessary. Everyone has different needs so we'll concentrate on those first and foremost. 
What happens after the shoot? 
I edit your images down into 2 galleries. One gallery has all usable images. The other gallery is quality edited with suggestions for shots I personally think will book you jobs. 
Do you send me all images from the shoot and can I have a CD of all images? 
Absolutely not!  
Unlike a lot of photographers, I never let you see all images taken. You have to trust that I will only give you shots that you can actually use. This is what enables me to ensure that clients only choose the very best shots that will reflect well for both of us. This should be why you choose me!
I believe it’s more damaging to see the full shoot because not only does it depress you to see so many shots of closed eyes/strange expressions, you get tired and desperate thinking which shot to pick from three that are identical. It's easy to choose the wrong ones. I am very experienced in seeing “killer shots” so I prefer to do this for you. 
Over the years I've found this to be the most successful approach, with the greatest level of satisfaction for you as the customer.  I do not release any images that have not been edited. However, I do send you all useable shots with your final order - but these will have a watermark across the middle of the image as they not for use. They are intended purely as reference, as they will be unedited. From these you will be able to select the 2, 3 or 5 (as standard for your session), or more if you have booked.
How do I book a session? 
By the contact us system click here to message us and I will reply promptly. If needed we can call and chat further about your specific requirements.
How far in advance are you booked? 
Headshots are seasonal, so message us and we can see what availability I have and what fits best with both our schedules.
How much do you charge? 
Here’s a link to pricing
How do I pay? 
By bank transfer. I take a non-refundable deposit first then you pay the remaining balance a week before the shoot. I'm happy to take the remaining balance in cash on the day, if you prefer. Whichever method of payment you choose, you will receive a full receipt with the final images. 
Do you do student discounts? 
No because I have designed my packages with all budgets in mind.  
Colour or black and white? 
Either. I would suggest colour to save casting directors having to read what colour hair and eyes you have (they haven’t got time). I'll provide both options in your Gallery if you request B&W at no extra cost, as it's a simple switch on the computer. 
Is a make up artist/hair stylist included? 
No - hair and make up is always a separate fee (around £80-£125 depending on how long you require them to stay etc.), paid directly to the make-up artist and is only available on 4hr sessions. If  you want one for the 1hr or 2hr sessions it is necessary to book an extra hour studio time with me at £299 - I would suggest booking the 4hr session as it is better value and doesn't require extra time.
In my opinion, the best headshots are about getting a relaxed and natural look with minimal make up and very subtle hair styling anyway so a stylist isn’t really necessary. But if it makes you more relaxed then please consider the Dramatic Portrait
What about clothes, hair and make up? 
We can discuss this before your shoot. But briefly, bring a lot of options and keep hair and make up simple. 
Where do we shoot? 
Wherever you prefer. At home, on location or at a studio.  If your shoot requires a location or studio then please be warned that these may incur extra costs for hire etc.  I own all my own equipment everything is battery powered. We will need a reasonable sized room to shoot in and if it complement's what you require from your headshot it is possible to incorporate the room in the shot.  If it's a nice day it's absolutely possible to shoot outside... but we can discuss this further before you make your booking [please see below].
Natural light or flash? 
I like to shoot both. Depends on what suits you, and what we’ve discussed in regards to the type of shots you want to get e.g. film/theatre/commercial/dark, moody etc.  
Can I shoot outside because I love trees! 
Regarding location shoots, I don't shoot outdoors unless it’s a perfect day and there's a specific reason to so. Ideally Headshots really need a controlled environment so the model is totally relaxed not stressed about hair blowing all over the place, rain/wind/too much sun/issues of where to change/people staring etc.
However, I do love natural light and half my headshots are shot indoors etc. with natural light. So not quite sure if you just want natural light or you want trees in the background (you won't actually see the background as the shot will be focused on your face).
Can I shave halfway through? 
Yes but please book a standard session for this. We have to allow time not just for shaving but also for any redness to go down. 
What if I get a spot? 
Leave it alone! We can remove it when retouching. If you irritate it then it will be much harder to fix later. No amount of makeup will help.
How should I prepare for the session?
Live virtuously and stay away from fizzy drinks and alcohol. There are limits to what can be fixed in photoshop.
Can I cut or colour my hair just before the shoot? 
Ideally do it at least a week before so you can get used to it and feel entirely comfortable with yourself during the shoot. 
How much retouching will you do? 
You wont look fake or air brushed and a casting director shouldn’t be able to notice any changes. They should just say when “you have a great headshot!” when they meet you.  The majority of my work in post should simply be to "take care of mistakes God made in establishing tonal relationships.” (a great quote by the father of photography: Ansel Adams)
How long will I have to wait to get the shots? 
I am super busy at the moment so tend to take around a week to send out galleries. And once you have chosen your final selection it will be another week to receive them.  But it may be sooner depending on my bookings at the time.
I want extra shots is that possible? 
Of course! Prices start from £27 each (depending on how many you buy and how quickly you order. I discount for promptness.) The price is £54 per shot if booked 24hrs before or later. Depending on my schedule for the day it may be impossible to achieve these extra shots in the time.
Do you provide prints? 
I provide a complementary 10x8 set (one of each) of the select 2,3 or 5+ you have ordered which are purely for you as a memento. 
If you would rather save trees then you can cancel these prints and simply receive the digital files. For further prints, personal or for your agent, I recommend Visualeyes.
Do you do joint sessions? 
Yes, because I like to concentrate entirely on the client I am working with and don’t want to jeopardize the quality: my prices are per person for the dramatic and standard shoot. If you are looking for couple shots we can discuss your requirements before you make a booking to make sure you get the best package for your needs.
If you are a corporate or small business, you will most likely require the short session with a minimum of 2 hours booked. Please contact us for more details on how I can help you.
How often should I get my headshots replaced?
Ideally every 18 mths - 2 yrs. Of course if you change your hair etc you may need to come again a little sooner.
Who has the copyright to the images? 
The photographer. You are granted a licence to use them for personal use.
Do you do any other type of photography? 
Yes, I shoot fashion. I also shoot many types of portrait. Email me to discuss.
Why do headshots cost so much? 
You are hiring experience and expertise. Headshot photography is a very specific genre. To get shots that will book you jobs you need to hire someone who knows what they’re doing. It is about investing in the photographer’s skill and artistic vision. 
A great headshot is a priceless memory which will bring you and your family joy for generations to come. My family still has headshots taken of family members from over a hundred years ago. It is lovely to remember those grandparents and to see what their parents looked like at their best, in their time.  The magic of time-travel is real, in pictures, and it's the best investment you'll make... if it's the right photographer.
This is a great article that explains it well. It is geared towards the family photography market but the principals the same. 
This article was written by Marianne Drenthe of Marmalade Photography http://www.marmaladephotography.com       
Cancellation Policy
*Any client who does not cancel or reschedule within 72 hours of the session will forfeit the £100 retainer.
*Sittings cancelled within 24 hours of a sitting will incur a 100% cancellation fee to the full value of their appointment.
*any expenses already incurred in preparation for a shoot (e.g. travel to location, accomodation costs, prop hire etc) will be billable to the client on cancellation.
*If Oblidah Ltd cannot perform this Contract due to fire or other casualty, strike, act of God, or other cause beyond the control of the parties, or due to Photographer’s illness or emergency, then the Photographer shall return the retainer fee to the Client but shall have no further liability with respect to the Contract. This limitation on liability shall also apply in the event that photographic materials are damaged in processing, lost through camera or other media malfunction, lost in the mail, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on the part of the Photographer. In the event Oblidah Ltd fails to perform for any other reason, Oblidah Ltd shall not be liable for any amount in excess of all monies paid.
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